Download QMRFEditor 3.0.0


Download QMRFEditor 2.0.0


  • QMRFEditor-v2.0.0 (build date 22 Jan 2013):

  • replaced ‘QMRF Inventory’ with ‘QMRF Database’;

  • updated the hint for QMRF section 10.1;

  • the authors dropdown list is filled in from a remote QMRF inventory;

  • by default saves into the QMRF XML only the endpoints used in the document;

  • changed the DTD location to http://qmrf.sourceforge.net/qmrf.dtd

  • added RTF export option;

  • updated endpoints list, including OECD and EC tests;

  • updated to retain formatting when pasting from MS Word documents;

  • added text field to filter catalog tables;

  • implemented improvements in PDF export (font selection, rendering, header, format, logo);

  • added -x URI command line option to fetch and load a remote QMRF document at application launch;

  • added Open Location file menu to fetch and load a remote QMRF document after the application has been launched;

  • updated DTD schema with up-to-date contact details (JRC e-mail, web site);

  • updated PDF library (iText 2.0.1);

  • repackaged the QMRFEditor application in a standalone installer for Windows OS;

  • upgraded embedded JRE installer to jre-6u38-windows-i586.exe;

  • improved installer support for 64-bit OS;

  • updated README.


In the regulatory assessment of chemicals (e.g. under REACH,Quantitative Structure Activity Models (QSAR) are playing an increasingly important role in predicting properties for hazard and risk assessment. This implies both a need to be able to identify relevant QSARs and to use them to derive estimates and/or have access to their precalculated estimates. To help meet these needs, the JRC QSAR Model Database is established and freely accessible through http://qsardb.jrc.it .

The QSAR Model Reporting Format (QMRF) is a harmonised template for summarising and reporting key information on QSAR models, including the results of any validation studies. The information is structured according to the OECD validation principles.

Download the QMRF Editor in order to describe your models in QMRF format and send the descriptions to JRC-COMPUTOX@ec.europa.eu to have them included in the database.

The QMRF schema 3.0 is updated Oct 2016 to include ontology annotation and enhancements applicable for reporting models, using nanomaterials.


QMRF DTD schema, QMRFEditor and QMRF web application were commissioned by JRC Computational Toxicology and Modelling and developed by Ideaconsult Ltd..

QMRF 3.0.0 is updated within the context of FP7 eNanoMapper

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Version: 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2016-10-31.

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